Auric Blends Fine Perfume Scented Oil Roll On - 1/3 oz - New - Pick/Choose Scent

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Venditore: auricblends (522) 97.7%, Luogo in cui si trova l'oggetto: Santa Rosa, California, Spedizione verso: Worldwide, Numero oggetto: 172419541344 Auric Blends - CHOOSE YOUR SCENT - Fine Roll On Perfume Oil Auric Blends (PICK AND CHOOSE) Fine Perfume Oil Roll On - .33 oz. (9.8 ml)Fine Oil Perfume Roll OnsAuric Blends' classic line of Fine Oil Perfume Roll Ons is their top selling product line. Created with a combination of exotic, imported perfume ingredients from around the globe, each of Auric Blends' hand-blended roll-on perfumes are a journey within themselves.Auric Blends Fine Oil Perfume Roll Ons are enjoyed by millions of people throughout the world. Auric Blends Fine Oil Perfume Roll Ons have been chosen for regional awards, (Majik was voted best love potion by New York Press), and they are adored intensely by Auric Blends' loyal customers and fans. Auric Blends Fine Oil Perfume Roll Ons have also been reviewed on to a grand array of praises.With 40 fragrances to choose from and collections that range from floral and fruit to oriental and fresh fragrances, you're certain to find one, or maybe more, favorites of Auric Blends Fine Oil Perfume Roll Ons!PerfumePerfume is as personal as fashion, an expression of who you are-unique and individual. Moods change, day turns to night, summer to fall and all of these times call for different fragrances. Auric Blends offers a collection of over 40 fragrances that allow you to choose the perfect aroma for any moment or mood. If you are looking for flirty and floral, Auric Blends has got you covered; exotic and intense, look no further; warm and sensual, you've got to try Egyptian Goddess, Auric Blends' top seller. Searching for a 100% natural perfume? Auric Blends has got that too.About Auric Blends Fragrance ProductsAuric Blends is a manufacturer of fine fragrance products including perfume oils, perfume solids, incense and, new to their collection, candles and soaps. Auric Blends believes that fragrance products can enrich their customers' lives through enhancing their sensory experience. Fragrant candles create a warmth on cool autumn or winter days, incense can bring a subtle or strong aroma to any environment and can aid in relaxation and meditation. And perfume, doesn't everyone know the power of perfume? It can make you feel strong, sexy, playful or sensual, whatever it is you are looking for.About Auric BlendsFounded in 1993, Auric Blends is a force in the gift and personal care industries, providing incense, perfume and specialty items to retailers across the country and throughout the world. Auric Blends company is located in the Wine Country in Northern California surrounded by majestic redwoods, coastal mists and the lush vineyards that give this region its name. Auric Blends' Business Practices:Commitment to QualityFrom their inception, Auric Blends has developed products using the highest grade of perfume fragrances available. Auric Blends works with some of the top vendors in the fragrance industry to ensure that they abide by all safety and quality standards set forth by the various regulatory organizations for the fragrance industry. Auric Blends avoids the use of alcohol or charcoal in their incense to create a cleaner burn and more enjoyable aromatic experience.Commitment to ServiceCustomer service is a cornerstone of their operations at Auric Blends. Auric Blends believes in acting with integrity and honesty in all their dealings with their customers, sales reps, vendors and other associates. Auric Blends wants people to feel comfortable and valued when they call, email or communicate with them in any way. Auric Blends strives for a very low error rate in their order processing and on those occasions when they do make a mistake, they aim to correct it in a timely and courteous fashion. Auric Blends employs a fair and reasonable return policy and their bottom line desire is that Auric Blends customers are as happy with the Auric Blends product line as the people at Auric Blends are. Auric Blends is not in business to sell, sell, sell, but rather to create a symbiotic relationship with their customers where each party is benefiting from the partnership.When Auric Blends talks about service they mean more than service to their customers. Of course, that is their primary concern, as their customers are their business. But service means more to Auric Blends than just being concerned with the prosperity of their business. Auric Blends believes in serving their community as well as they serve their customers. Every year in the small, historic town of Graton, the citizens hold a Graton Day. It is always a well-attended community gathering with kids events, adult events and an auction. All proceeds from the auction benefit the local school, Oak Grove Elementary. Auric Blends donates a beautiful gift basket for the auction every year and from what they've heard, it's the one item that everyone longs for!2005 was the first year that Auric Blends attended and donated to another local event in San Francisco called Power to the Peaceful. This is an event that draws crowds of over 50,000 to Golden Gate Park for a musical celebration that encourages global peace and social justice.Principles and AspirationsAt Auric Blends they embrace a business model that emphasizes trustworthiness and sincerity, concern for the wellbeing of their employees and local community, and honesty in all their dealings. Auric Blends aims to provide leading edge products with healthy margins and innovation that will keep their customers interested and excited.Auric Blends aspires to be a model for corporations across the country regarding how to create a profitable business while at the same time valuing and caring for all its employees. Auric Blends believes that it is possible to provide health care, generous benefits and a living wage to their employees and still be a viable, healthy organization.Pray For Peace - The Story Behind Pray For PeaceFrom the inception of their company it has been Auric Blends' intention not only to prosper, but also to spread a message worldwide through the energy of their products. During these volatile times Auric Blends feels compelled to inspire one and all to join together in a prayer for peace - for our planet earth, our families and each other. Fragrance IndustryThe fragrance industry has a deep, global history. The art of perfumery has been practiced on every continent and virtually every country in our world. Organizations have been developed in more modern times to ensure safety and regulatory issues are addressed, kept up to date and made available to everyone. In addition, organizations and associations have been created simply to appreciate and expand the knowledge and love of fragrance as an art form.Chart of Fragrance Families About PerfumeryThe modern art of aromatherapy has studied and shown significant effects on well-being through the use of fragrance. But one doesn't need modern science to prove the beauty and value of fragrance. For thousands of years humans have practiced the art of perfumery, whether distilling fragrance from flowers for use in perfume, or burning resins and herbs for incense. We have always been aware of, and intrigued by, the entrancing scents of the natural world.Our lives are filled with fragrance. From the soft, seductive scent of a deep red rose, to the salty refreshing scent of sea air. Fragrance captures our experiences and imprints them in our memories. Perfume lifts our sense, lightens our spirit and can bring us into deeply calm and meditative states, or arouse our energy into vibrancy and elations.Who can say for certain where the art of perfumery began? The courts of Old Europe were known for their perfumes, many crediting France as the center of the perfume universe. But Ancient Egypt was also known for it's love of the deep earthy scents such as Amber and Frankincense. And many of the most valuable scents came from Asia. Fragrance is, and fragrance began, globally. Every culture on every continent has practiced the art of perfumery. It as intrinsic a thing as food, or clothing.The first perfume was incense, as the Latin word for perfume, "Par Fumum" means "through smoke". Incense was used primarily for religious and spiritual occasion. Many believed that their prayers and wishes would be carried through the smoke up to the heavens, directly to the ear and heart of God.In Egypt fragrance was truly developed into an art form. They exported their beautiful concoctions around the world, tourists traveled there to uncover their secrets and bring their enchantments home. Fragrant materials were taken and blended with animal fat to create perfumes that we would recognize today as solid perfumes. When the tomb of Tutankhamen was opened, among the artifacts was discovered a handcrafted jar containing a perfume unguent (solid) that was still fragrant after so many thousands of years.So what is it that fragrance provides for us, and why has it been an art form that has, like music, progressed side by side throughout all the changes of human history? Smell is a vital sense, one that enhances our experience, warns us of danger and soothes our spirits. The smell of smoke awakens our instincts to peril, the sweet, powdery smell of a baby comforts and eases our travails, and who could enjoy a cinnamon bun so thoroughly without the delight of smelling the sweet sugar and cinnamon. Fragrance is indeed woven into our very existence.The CompanyFounded in 1993, Auric Blends is a force in the gift and personal care industries, providing perfume oils, incense and specialty items to retailers across the country and throughout the world. Our company is located in the Wine Country of Northern California, surrounded by majestic redwoods, coastal mists and the lush vineyards that give this region it's name.The ProductsThe History of perfume and fragrance traverse thousands of years. It is an integral aspect of our existence, yet so mysterious and subjective. Our signature collection of fragrances has garnered fans from around the globe. In our perfume oils and solids we offer a superb selection of fruits, florals, musks, earthy, and eastern scents to suit many preferences. Our extensive line of incense sticks are hand dipped in a broad range of specially blended fragrances, enhancing the world we see, smell, and touch.The MissionSince the inception of Auric Blends it has been our intention to not only prosper, but also to spread a message worldwide through the energy of our products. During these volatile times we feel compelled to inspire one and all to join together in a prayer for peace, for our planet Earth, our families and each other. Join us and help the world "Pray for Peace" You are buying directly from the Auric Blends manufacturer, it is our job to make sure your product is the best quality. We want to make sure you are very satisfied with your purchase! If you have any questions or concerns, please free to send us a direct message and we will be get back to you promptly. Thank you!-Auric Blends TeamPerfume Fragrance DescriptionsFragranceDescriptionAfrican MuskMusky florals and hints of green meld with white musk and pale amber.AmberRich, spicy, warm and sweet. Smooth, rich and intoxicating, amber is one of the hardest fragrances to describe.Amber PatchoulyTake the warmth and spiciness of amber and support it with the earthy richness of patchouly to discover a deep and sultry fragrance.AphrodesiaHeady rose and jasmine smoothed out with a base of sandalwood and vanilla.Black CoconutA simple blend of 100% coconut. Sweet, warm and inviting.Black OpiumExotic and slightly spicy, dries down to a warm and smooth aroma with touches of vanilla and patchouli.Chinese RainA musk and floral blend with a base of amber and creamy sandalwood. Topped off with fresh green nuances and soft florals.Coco MangoA fruity, tropical blend of sweet coconut and exotic mango. Fresh, summery and fun.Desert NightA sandalwood rose composition accented by muguet, jasmine and soft oriental nuances of musk, woods and amber.Divine OpiumA spicy oriental enhanced by cinnamon and pepper, with carnation, jasmine and rose supported by vanilla and patchouli.Egyptian GoddessSeductive and soft, this fragrance blends a warm musk with notes of powder and delicate floralsForbidden DesireSudanese Frankincense blended with opium, jasmine and vanilla for a rich and complex perfume.Golden HoneysuckleSandalwood and White Musk create the base for a creamy floral with sweet Honeysuckle top notes.Hawaiian FantasyWhite Musk, sandalwood and plumeria blended with fresh muguet and soft florals.JasmineJasmine, fresh muguet and soft florals touched by green and sparkling top notes, Sandalwood added to round out the base.Lavender DreamsThe divine aroma of lavender supported by a touch of jasmine and hints of green at the top.LoveA soft musk with notes of White Amber, Woods, and a touch of Auric Blends Egyptian Goddess.Lovers MoonGardenia, rose and heliotrope provide sweet floral notes at the top, with sandalwood and musk as the base.MajikA deep and earthy scent with a touch of sweet. Myrrh adds a rich sweetness and amber brings a touch of spice.MoonlightAn ambery, musky composition consisting of oriental spices, exotic florals, musk, amber, sensual woods and mosses.Mystic BlendWith hints of green at the top, this fragrance has a heart of lily and jasmine and is supported by heavy sandalwood and vanilla.Night QueenCreamy vanilla, sandalwood and white musk meet the dominant notes of sparkling citrus nuances and white florals.Ocean SongWhite woods and sheer musk create the base for white lavender, Italian lemon and French Riviera mimosa.One LoveA sweet, flirty and fun fragrance with notes of black cherry and vanilla.PatchoulyAn essential oil from Indonesia and the surrounding area, Patchouly is deep, luxurious and earthy.PlumeriaWhite Musk, blonde woods heliotrope and plumeria melded with white muguet and hints of green.RastaEgyptian sandalwood and patchouly blended with jasmine and soft florals.RoseArabian rose blended with traditional rose for a pure aroma of rose.SandalwoodEgyptian, Arabian and Tunisian sandalwood blended with golden amber and light green leafy notes.Sandalwood VanillaEgyptian, Arabian and Tunisian sandalwood blended with vanilla and golden amber.Sweet RainA musk and floral composition with heliotrope, lily and hyacinth, supported by precious woods and topped off with fresh green notes.Tea RoseEnglish rose blended with tea rose for a softer rose than our traditional blend.Tropical RainMusk, blonde woods, lily and heliotrope melded with white muguet and leafy green notes for a fresh aroma.VanillaA sweet vanilla supported by musk, muguet and light fruity touches at the top.Vanilla MuskWhite musk, vanilla and blonde woods topped with jasmine, hints of green and powdery florals.Vanilla RainA fresh green floral which begins with the energy of aldehydes. Rose, jasmine and muguet are married to a warm, musky drydown.Water GoddessA magnolia floral bouquet with touches of rose and violet, supported by a background of exotic woods and mosses.Water LilyA floral musky bouquet composed of jasmine, rose, muguet des bois, and geranium. A touch of green at the top adds brightness.White MuskWhite musk, blonde woods blended with powdery heliotrope and hints of green. Condition: New, Brand: Auric Blends

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